Hand Protection
We have several categories of products for hand protection.  Please select from the list of hand protection categories in the above menu the category you would like to view.



Because we value quality

At ATG®, there’s one thing on which we never compromise: quality.

To make sure nothing is overlooked, we operate a zero-outsourcing policy.  We exercise 100% control and strictly monitor each step of the manufacturing process at all times.  We source all the raw materials, upwind yarns, knit the glove liners, coat them and wash the gloves before packing them.

No effort is spared to ensure the total reliability and consistency of our products.


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  • High impact gloves with maximum dexterity.  


  • Light breathable economic hand protection for general industrial use


  • Chrome leather gloves are manufactured from high quality split leather (cow leather most popular)
  • Protection against superficial cuts, abrasions and burns
  • Application :  ideal for general handling, site work as well as welding and foundary work

PVC GLOVES (Supported)

  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is one of the more common coatings for coated work gloves
  • Good abrasion effective against water and moste aquaous solutions, detergents and diluted bases and acids with limited chemical resistance to organic solvents.
  • Application : Construction, handling selected chemicals oils, caustics and diluted acids as well as general maintenance


Rubber latex: provides protection against oil based solvents.

Nitrile: provides good abrasion, cut and puncture resistance. Good resistance to many solvents oils, fats and greases.


Rubber Latex: Housework, catering, printing, laboratories, food processing

Nitrile: Chemical processing, petrochemical, automotive Industry, food processing

Regardsless of the specification provided on this website, it is the buyer’s responsibility to deteremine the suitability of these products for their specific application.